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Our clients and candidates are not the only people who are happy to stay with us – our employees and consultants also prefer to grow with DSS over time! Working with DSS is exciting, dynamic and fun. We are proud of the fact that DSS fosters an atmosphere which encourages excellence and individual growth.

The possibilities in the field of recruitment are almost endless. With the exponential growth of the Indian economy, more and more corporates are looking for talent. To source this talent, you need recruiters, people who can connect the right talent with the right company at the right time.

Recruitment is a knowledge-based industry. To be a good recruiter you need to be an excellent communicator, have good people skills, have a good understanding of human psychology, as well as a significant amount of empathy and sensitivity. On the intellectual side, you need an understanding of the economy, an eye for research and a grasp of the nuances of the industry you choose to work in. The recruitment industry is large and poised for enormous growth.

At DSS, we are always on the lookout for talented people who have the sensitivity, vision and drive to be good recruiters. We also happen to be one of the best employers in the field – a fact that is proven by our high retention rate of employees.

We take in people at various levels – from freshers to more experienced recruitment and industry professionals. We provide an excellent climate for our employees to perform and to discover their potential.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the DSS team, write to us.