Overseas Recruitment

Indian professionals across various fields are highly valued for their qualifications, efficiency and commitment. DSS has been working to take the best Indian talent to the world for decades now.

We have a network of clients that stretches across continents. For many African and Middle Eastern firms, we are the preferred search and recruitment consultancy. We also recruit for firms in Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji Islands, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica and Indonesia.

As always, our approach is one based on strong relationship management. Our international clients trust us to understand the unique needs of their organizations, and to bring responsibility, commitment and transparency to each and every assignment. They trust us to source the best talent for them, and to do so with credibility and commitment. Client confidentiality is sacrosanct for us, especially because we often deal with multiple organizations from the same industry and country.

We provide comprehensive information to candidates about the country and the company they are going to. Candidates and their families are counseled about the uniqueness of each country – its cultural practices, lifestyle, educational facilities, do’s and don’t’s, etc. The information and orientation we provide gives a measure of comfort to the candidate about his ability to stay and perform in the organization and country of his choice.